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Mickleton, Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDERSON, Rebecca  1866Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5158
2 BEADLE, Albert  6 Feb 1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4171
3 BEADLE, Beatrice Annie  16 Oct 1904Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5308
4 BEADLE, John William  1886Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2547
5 BEADLE, Lydia Ada  1910Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5306
6 BEADLE, Sarah  1890Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2546
7 BEADLE, William  1833Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I1350
8 BROWN, Thomas  1822Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2820
9 BURNEY, Ada  1855Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2064
10 BURNEY, John  1873Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4351
11 BURNS, Agnes Annie  1898Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2195
12 BUSSEY, Thomas  1877Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2688
13 BUSSEY, William  1879Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2689
14 DENT, Charles  1863Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I1751
15 DENT, Edith Hannah  1886Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2343
16 DENT, Eliza Annie  1878Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2335
17 DENT, Elizabeth Emily  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2334
18 DENT, John James  1870Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2336
19 DENT, Margaret Ann  1875Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5142
20 DENT, Mary Jane  1872Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2337
21 DENT, Thomas  1835Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5205
22 DENT, Thomas Charles Tallentire  1884Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4706
23 FORSTER, Ralph  1857Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5103
24 JACKSON, Ann  1864Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I3477
25 LANGSTAFF, Elizabeth  1833Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I1872
26 LANGSTAFF, Hannah  1842Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I1871
27 LANGSTAFF, John  1788Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4101
28 LANGSTAFF, Mary Ann  1831Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I1860
29 LANGSTAFF, Sarah  1836Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I1870
30 METCALFE, Charles Henry Maurie  1886Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5033
31 PARKIN, Caroline  1885Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I537
32 PARKIN, Elizabeth  1857Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2070
33 PARKIN, Ernest  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I542
34 PARKIN, Frances  1866Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2063
35 PARKIN, Frederick  1890Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I539
36 PARKIN, George William  1879Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I541
37 PARKIN, John  1850Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5291
38 PARKIN, Joseph  1854Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I3058
39 PARKIN, Mary Agnes  1895Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I3046
40 PARKIN, Mary Annie  1887Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I538
41 PARKIN, Mary Elizabeth  1879Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5082
42 PARKIN, Mary Jane  1874Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2161
43 PARKIN, Matthew  1869Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2061
44 PARKIN, Phoebe Sarah  1882Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2100
45 PARKIN, Thomas  1852Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2164
46 PARKIN, Thomas  1877Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I540
47 PARKIN, Thomas Watson  1876Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2162
48 PARKIN, William  1864Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2062
49 PARKIN, William  1880Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2163
50 RAINE, Ann  1852Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4219

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURNEY, Ada  1882Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2064
2 BUSSEY, Thomas  1879Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5230
3 MUSGROVE, Ann  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2684
4 PARKIN, Thomas  29 Dec 1900Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4213
5 RAINE, Thomas  15 Jan 1875Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2247
6 RAINE, William Parkin  18 Oct 1885Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4247
7 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1865Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4211
8 TALLENTIRE, George  1883Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I617
9 TALLENTIRE, Hannah  1851Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2976
10 TALLENTIRE, Isabella  1871Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2758
11 TALLENTIRE, Mary  24 Nov 1893Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4212
12 TALLENTIRE, Mary Ann  1854Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2683
13 TALLENTIRE, Thomas Watson  1898Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2685
14 WALTON, Isabella  2 Sep 1913Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4274
15 WATSON, Hilda  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I1297


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 FORSTER, Ralph  8 Aug 1857Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5103


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALDERSON, Rebecca  1871Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5158
2 ALLINSON, Ada  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4996
3 ALLINSON, Ada  2 Apr 1911Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4996
4 ALLINSON, Kenneth Reginald  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4007
5 ALLINSON, Mary  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I1522
6 ANDERSON, Tamar  1861Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5298
7 ANDERSON, Tamar  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5298
8 ANDERSON, Tamar  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5298
9 BAINBRIDGE, Mary  1861Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2873
10 BEADLE, Albert  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4171
11 BEADLE, Albert  2 Apr 1911Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4171
12 BEADLE, Annie  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2831
13 BEADLE, Annie  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2831
14 BEADLE, Beatrice Annie  2 Apr 1911Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5308
15 BEADLE, Elizabeth  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2548
16 BEADLE, John William  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2547
17 BEADLE, John William  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2547
18 BEADLE, Joshua  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5303
19 BEADLE, Joshua  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5303
20 BEADLE, Joshua  2 Apr 1911Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5303
21 BEADLE, Lydia Ada  2 Apr 1911Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I5306
22 BEADLE, Sarah  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2546
23 BEADLE, Sarah  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2546
24 BEADLE, Timothy  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4997
25 BROWN, Jacob  1871Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2821
26 BROWN, Thomas  1871Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2820
27 BURNEY, Ada  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2064
28 BURNEY, John  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4351
29 BURNEY, John  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4351
30 BURNEY, John  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I4351
31 BURNS, Agnes Annie  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2195
32 BURNS, Robert James  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2200
33 BUSSEY, Elizabeth  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2698
34 BUSSEY, Isabella  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2687
35 BUSSEY, Jane Ann  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2697
36 BUSSEY, Mary  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2699
37 BUSSEY, Sarah  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2700
38 BUSSEY, Thomas  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2688
39 BUSSEY, Thomas  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2688
40 BUSSEY, William  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2689
41 BUSSEY, William  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2689
42 DENT, Charles  1871Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I1751
43 DENT, Edith Hannah  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2343
44 DENT, Edith Hannah  1901Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2343
45 DENT, Eliza Annie  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2335
46 DENT, Eliza Annie  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2335
47 DENT, Elizabeth Emily  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2334
48 DENT, Elizabeth Emily  1891Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2334
49 DENT, John James  1871Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2336
50 DENT, John James  1881Mickleton, Yorkshire, England I2336

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