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Holwick, Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEADLE, Arthur  1813Holwick, Yorkshire, England I231
2 BEADLE, Martha  1809Holwick, Yorkshire, England I1290
3 BEADLE, William  1807Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4853
4 DENT, Hannah  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I1710
5 DENT, Robert  1858Holwick, Yorkshire, England I1719
6 DENT, Thomas  1856Holwick, Yorkshire, England I1750
7 RAINE, Jane  1845Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5268
8 RAINE, John  1850Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5140
9 TALLENTIRE, Charles  1825Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2810
10 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1834Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4177
11 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  7 Nov 1853Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3178
12 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1 Dec 1855Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3617
13 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  18 Jul 1857Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4994
14 TALLENTIRE, George  1804Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4176
15 TALLENTIRE, George  1831Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3460
16 TALLENTIRE, George  1832Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2281
17 TALLENTIRE, George  1834Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4230
18 TALLENTIRE, George  1852Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3579
19 TALLENTIRE, Hannah  1831Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4214
20 TALLENTIRE, Isaac  1821Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4290
21 TALLENTIRE, Isaac  17 Sep 1851Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3179
22 TALLENTIRE, James  1849Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5238
23 TALLENTIRE, John  1829Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4215
24 TALLENTIRE, John  1846Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5088
25 TALLENTIRE, Margaret  1835Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4229
26 TALLENTIRE, Margaret  1835Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4173
27 TALLENTIRE, Margaret  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5067
28 TALLENTIRE, Mary  1801Holwick, Yorkshire, England I234
29 TALLENTIRE, Mary  1829Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5301
30 TALLENTIRE, Richard  1838Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5235
31 TALLENTIRE, Sarah  1807Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2872
32 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1826Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4182
33 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1828Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3490
34 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1828Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2898
35 TALLENTIRE, William  1801Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4104
36 TALLENTIRE, William  1824Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4216
37 TALLENTIRE, William  1840Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3241
38 TALLENTIRE, William  1849Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4992
39 TALLENTIRE, William  28 Apr 1856Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5227
40 WEARMOUTH, John George  1887Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2760
41 WEARMOUTH, Joseph William  1882Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2761
42 WEARMOUTH, Sarah  1884Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2762


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLINSON, Isabella  1876Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4993
2 BEADLE, Margaret  15 Jan 1850Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4053
3 HORN, Betty  1845Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4172
4 LEE, Elizabeth  1859Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4243
5 RAINE, Ann  1841Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4174
6 RAINE, Hannah  1836Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2900
7 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1863Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3178
8 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  20 Jul 1881Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4100
9 TALLENTIRE, George  1834Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4230
10 TALLENTIRE, George  1835Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3460
11 TALLENTIRE, George  1876Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4176
12 TALLENTIRE, Isaac  7 Sep 1843Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4099
13 TALLENTIRE, John  1839Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4215
14 TALLENTIRE, Margaret  14 May 1864Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4229
15 TALLENTIRE, Margaret  1865Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4173
16 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1819Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4056
17 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1835Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2898
18 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1839Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2901
19 TARN, Thomas  3 Mar 1881Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4180


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 TALLENTIRE, George  2 Mar 1852Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3579


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALLINSON, Isabella  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4993
2 ALLINSON, Isabella  1871Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4993
3 BEADLE, Sarah  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4954
4 DENT, Hannah  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I1710
5 DENT, Robert  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I1719
6 DENT, William  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I1753
7 HEWARD, James  1881Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4222
8 HEWARD, James  1891Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4222
9 LEE, Elizabeth  1851Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4243
10 LEE, Jane Ann  2 Apr 1911Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5293
11 NIXON, Sarah  1881Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2277
12 NIXON, Sarah  1891Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2277
13 NIXON, Sarah  1901Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2277
14 RAINE, Jane  1851Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5268
15 RAINE, William  2 Apr 1911Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5294
16 TALLENTIRE, Arthur  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2899
17 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1851Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4100
18 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4177
19 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4100
20 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3617
21 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3178
22 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1871Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3617
23 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1881Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4994
24 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1881Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4100
25 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1891Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4994
26 TALLENTIRE, George  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4176
27 TALLENTIRE, George  1871Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4176
28 TALLENTIRE, George  1881Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2281
29 TALLENTIRE, George  1891Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2281
30 TALLENTIRE, George  1901Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2281
31 TALLENTIRE, Henry  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5318
32 TALLENTIRE, Isaac  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3179
33 TALLENTIRE, James  1851Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5238
34 TALLENTIRE, James  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5238
35 TALLENTIRE, John  1851Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5088
36 TALLENTIRE, John  1871Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5088
37 TALLENTIRE, Margaret  1851Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4229
38 TALLENTIRE, Margaret  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4173
39 TALLENTIRE, Richard  1851Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5235
40 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1851Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4182
41 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4182
42 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2497
43 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1881Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4182
44 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1891Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4182
45 TALLENTIRE, William  1851Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4216
46 TALLENTIRE, William  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I5227
47 TALLENTIRE, William  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4216
48 TALLENTIRE, William  1861Holwick, Yorkshire, England I3241
49 WEARMOUTH, John George  1891Holwick, Yorkshire, England I2760
50 WEARMOUTH, Joseph William  1881Holwick, Yorkshire, England I4995

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