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Eggleston, Durham, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAINBRIDGE, Mary Elizabeth  1895Eggleston, Durham, England I5034
2 BAINBRIDGE, Ralph  1834Eggleston, Durham, England I5037
3 BAINBRIDGE, Ralph  1871Eggleston, Durham, England I5036
4 BEADLE, Margaret  1864Eggleston, Durham, England I315
5 BEADLE, Mary Ann  1866Eggleston, Durham, England I316
6 BURDESS, Margaret  1852Eggleston, Durham, England I4991
7 MADDISON, John Ernest  3 Jan 1906Eggleston, Durham, England I3790
8 TALLENTIRE, Irene Jane  1909Eggleston, Durham, England I607
9 TALLENTIRE, James  1902Eggleston, Durham, England I5325
10 TALLENTIRE, Jessie  20 Oct 1909Eggleston, Durham, England I4683
11 TALLENTIRE, John Gilbert  1911Eggleston, Durham, England I2822
12 TALLENTIRE, John Jackson  1902Eggleston, Durham, England I4894
13 TALLENTIRE, Mark  24 Apr 1908Eggleston, Durham, England I2566
14 TALLENTIRE, Mary  1816Eggleston, Durham, England I1318
15 TALLENTIRE, Olive  1902Eggleston, Durham, England I4873
16 TALLENTIRE, Sarah  1818Eggleston, Durham, England I1319
17 TALLENTIRE, Susan Jane  1899Eggleston, Durham, England I1904
18 TALLENTIRE, Tamar  1819Eggleston, Durham, England I1709
19 TALLENTIRE, Tamar  1823Eggleston, Durham, England I4930
20 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1816Eggleston, Durham, England I4223
21 WALTON, Mary Ann  1898Eggleston, Durham, England I4967


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 RUTTER, Isaac  25 May 1891Eggleston, Durham, England I2871
2 TALLENTIRE, Sydney Griffith  1977Eggleston, Durham, England I3323
3 TALLENTIRE, Tamar  1822Eggleston, Durham, England I1709


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BAINBRIDGE, Ralph  1834Eggleston, Durham, England I5037
2 TALLENTIRE, Isaac Allinson  1897Eggleston, Durham, England I5323
3 TALLENTIRE, Susan Jane  1900Eggleston, Durham, England I1904
4 WALTON, Mary Ann  1898Eggleston, Durham, England I4967


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALDERSON, Agnes  1901Eggleston, Durham, England I1797
2 ALDERSON, John W  1901Eggleston, Durham, England I3441
3 ALDERSON, Rebecca  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I5158
4 ALDERSON, William  1901Eggleston, Durham, England I5261
5 BROWN, Jacob  1861Eggleston, Durham, England I2821
6 BROWN, Thomas  1861Eggleston, Durham, England I2820
7 BURDESS, Margaret  1861Eggleston, Durham, England I4991
8 BURDESS, Margaret  1871Eggleston, Durham, England I4991
9 COLLINSON, Margaret  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I2992
10 HESELTINE, Margaret Jane  1901Eggleston, Durham, England I5260
11 JACKSON, Hannah  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I5091
12 MADDISON, Jane  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I2402
13 MADDISON, John Ernest  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I3790
14 MADDISON, John George  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I5074
15 NELSON, Jane Mary  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I3291
16 RUTTER, Elizabeth  1891Eggleston, Durham, England I2819
17 RUTTER, Isaac  1891Eggleston, Durham, England I2871
18 TALLENTIRE, Frances  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I5075
19 TALLENTIRE, Gladys  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I3295
20 TALLENTIRE, Irene Jane  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I607
21 TALLENTIRE, Jacob  1901Eggleston, Durham, England I2159
22 TALLENTIRE, Jacob  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I2943
23 TALLENTIRE, Jessie  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I4683
24 TALLENTIRE, John Gilbert  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I2822
25 TALLENTIRE, John Robert  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I3432
26 TALLENTIRE, John Stephenson  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I5157
27 TALLENTIRE, Joseph  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I2839
28 TALLENTIRE, Lizzie Jane  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I4762
29 TALLENTIRE, Margaret  1901Eggleston, Durham, England I3143
30 TALLENTIRE, Mark  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I2566
31 TALLENTIRE, Mary Elizabeth  1901Eggleston, Durham, England I5333
32 TALLENTIRE, Rebecca  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I506
33 TALLENTIRE, Robert William  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I5090
34 TALLENTIRE, Robert William  2 Apr 1911Eggleston, Durham, England I2500