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Darlington, Durham, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEADLE, Harold Lloyd  1909Darlington, Durham, England I611
2 BOYES, Ernest  1888Darlington, Durham, England I2086
3 BRACHER, Jane Hollyoak  1904Darlington, Durham, England I3341
4 COLLINSON, Alan Stanley  1934Darlington, Durham, England I3221
5 CROSBY, James  1878Darlington, Durham, England I3639
6 ETHERINGTON, George Henry  1879Darlington, Durham, England I62
7 FORSTER, Elizabeth Ann  1884Darlington, Durham, England I4686
8 FORSTER, Elsie May  1910Darlington, Durham, England I1993
9 FORSTER, George Tallentire  1894Darlington, Durham, England I4704
10 FORSTER, John Edward  1882Darlington, Durham, England I4604
11 FORSTER, Mary Jane  1886Darlington, Durham, England I4685
12 FORSTER, Maurice  1920Darlington, Durham, England I1994
13 FORSTER, Ralph William  1888Darlington, Durham, England I4603
14 FORSTER, Sarah  1892Darlington, Durham, England I4705
15 FORSTER, Thomas Henry  1889Darlington, Durham, England I4602
16 HEWITSON, Mary Ann  1839Darlington, Durham, England I277
17 JOHNSON, Alice  1885Darlington, Durham, England I2165
18 LAYCOCK, Anne  1961Darlington, Durham, England I2693
19 LAYCOCK, Joseph  1926Darlington, Durham, England I2102
20 LAYCOCK, Joseph Ronald  1953Darlington, Durham, England I1984
21 LAYCOCK, Josephine  1957Darlington, Durham, England I1980
22 LAYCOCK, Linda  1951Darlington, Durham, England I1981
23 LOWES, Beatrice  1897Darlington, Durham, England I360
24 LOWES, Maurice  1901Darlington, Durham, England I361
25 NAISBITT, Michael David  1991Darlington, Durham, England I1977
26 NORMAN, Clarice  1902Darlington, Durham, England I289
27 PARKIN, Marjorie  1898Darlington, Durham, England I334
28 REED, Mary Ann  10 Sep 1886Darlington, Durham, England I3183
29 RELTON, Cyril  1912Darlington, Durham, England I1922
30 SAYER, Anne Elizabeth  1956Darlington, Durham, England I1926
31 SYKES, Norman Gamble  1923Darlington, Durham, England I1916
32 SYKES, William Melvin  1929Darlington, Durham, England I297
33 TALINTYRE, Anne Catherine  1931Darlington, Durham, England I84
34 TALLENTIRE, Alan Keith  1943Darlington, Durham, England I3925
35 TALLENTIRE, Arthur  1910Darlington, Durham, England I1986
36 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth Violet  1905Darlington, Durham, England I1972
37 TALLENTIRE, Georgina May  1908Darlington, Durham, England I1932
38 TALLENTIRE, Jean M  1931Darlington, Durham, England I1933
39 TALLENTIRE, John  1909Darlington, Durham, England I1988
40 TALLENTIRE, John Michael  1969Darlington, Durham, England I3330
41 TALLENTIRE, Mary  1913Darlington, Durham, England I1914
42 TALLENTIRE, Muriel  1925Darlington, Durham, England I2103
43 TALLENTIRE, Paul  1970Darlington, Durham, England I3039
44 TALLENTIRE, William Frederick  1904Darlington, Durham, England I1924
45 TUNSTALL, Annie Elizabeth Raine  1870Darlington, Durham, England I1985
46 TUNSTALL, Marion  1905Darlington, Durham, England I3978
47 WATSON, Gwendoline  1913Darlington, Durham, England I344
48 WRIGHT, Elizabeth  1925Darlington, Durham, England I368


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALDERSON, John Tallentire  1906Darlington, Durham, England I4295
2 ALDERSON, Margaret Hannah  1982Darlington, Durham, England I3481
3 ALLINSON, Annie Elizabeth  1908Darlington, Durham, England I5024
4 ALLINSON, Kenneth Reginald  2 May 1957Darlington, Durham, England I4007
5 ALLINSON, Louisa  1961Darlington, Durham, England I5018
6 BARRETT, Vera  2007Darlington, Durham, England I3570
7 BAYLES, Tarn  1972Darlington, Durham, England I5217
8 BEADLE, Philip  1969Darlington, Durham, England I5207
9 BELL, Alice  1971Darlington, Durham, England I1991
10 BELTON, George Morrison  8 Apr 1985Darlington, Durham, England I2845
11 BLAND, Herbert  1949Darlington, Durham, England I2551
12 BLAND, Ronald  1994Darlington, Durham, England I369
13 BOYES, Ernest  1921Darlington, Durham, England I2086
14 BRACHER, Jane Hollyoak  1998Darlington, Durham, England I3341
15 BRIGHT, Elizabeth Jane  1960Darlington, Durham, England I3905
16 BRUNTON, Thomas William  1944Darlington, Durham, England I3614
17 BUSSEY, Irene  1994Darlington, Durham, England I3895
18 CARTER, Anthony  1953Darlington, Durham, England I5065
19 CARTER, Cicely  1996Darlington, Durham, England I3434
20 CHAPMAN, Vida  1985Darlington, Durham, England I3964
21 COLLINSON, Fred  1960Darlington, Durham, England I1316
22 CROMBIE, Christina  2007Darlington, Durham, England I1951
23 DICKINSON, Thomas Lowes  1951Darlington, Durham, England I1929
24 DICKSON, Margaret Jane  26 May 1975Darlington, Durham, England I5043
25 DOWSON, Matthew  1930Darlington, Durham, England I5171
26 FORSTER, George Tallentire  1968Darlington, Durham, England I4704
27 FORSTER, John Edward  Jun 1950Darlington, Durham, England I4604
28 FORSTER, Maurice  1962Darlington, Durham, England I1994
29 FORSTER, Ralph  1947Darlington, Durham, England I5103
30 FORSTER, Ralph William  20 Nov 1938Darlington, Durham, England I4603
31 FORSTER, Thomas Henry  1924Darlington, Durham, England I4602
32 FOSTER, Edna Annie  2004Darlington, Durham, England I4879
33 FRAME, Margaret Ann  27 Dec 1972Darlington, Durham, England I2679
34 GARBERT, Phoebe Jane  1934Darlington, Durham, England I2156
35 GOULDSBROUGH, James Battle  2000Darlington, Durham, England I371
36 HINDSON, Matthew  2005Darlington, Durham, England I3350
37 LAYCOCK, Joseph  1992Darlington, Durham, England I2102
38 LAYCOCK, Joseph Ronald  1996Darlington, Durham, England I1984
39 LAYCOCK, Josephine  1957Darlington, Durham, England I1980
40 LAYCOCK, Linda  1951Darlington, Durham, England I1981
41 LIDDLE, John  2001Darlington, Durham, England I1990
42 LIDDLE, Joseph Edwin  1965Darlington, Durham, England I3650
43 LOWES, Ezra  1932Darlington, Durham, England I2907
44 MCCALLUM, George W  1978Darlington, Durham, England I1952
45 MIDDLETON, Amy  1952Darlington, Durham, England I2099
46 NORMAN, Clarice  1985Darlington, Durham, England I289
47 PARKIN, Marjorie Ann  27 May 1995Darlington, Durham, England I4952
48 PATTISON, Esther Marian  Jun 1958Darlington, Durham, England I1996
49 RELTON, Cyril  1998Darlington, Durham, England I1922
50 SAYER, Anne Elizabeth  1995Darlington, Durham, England I1926

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 TALLENTIRE, John  1910Darlington, Durham, England I1925
2 TALLENTIRE, Mary Ann  1915Darlington, Durham, England I5231


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, Alice  23 Dec 1885Darlington, Durham, England I2165
2 TALLENTIRE, John  1909Darlington, Durham, England I1988
3 TALLENTIRE, Mary  1913Darlington, Durham, England I1914


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ARMSTRONG, Michael  1901Darlington, Durham, England I4975
2 BELL, Alice  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I1991
3 BOYES, Ernest  1891Darlington, Durham, England I2086
4 BOYES, Ernest  1901Darlington, Durham, England I2086
5 BOYES, Ernest  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I2086
6 BUCK, Annie  1901Darlington, Durham, England I1989
7 BUSSEY, Elizabeth  1901Darlington, Durham, England I2698
8 BUSSEY, Isabella  1901Darlington, Durham, England I2687
9 BUSSEY, Mary  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I2699
10 BUSSEY, Sarah  1901Darlington, Durham, England I2700
11 BUSSEY, Thomas  1901Darlington, Durham, England I2688
12 BUSSEY, Thomas  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I2688
13 BUSSEY, William  1901Darlington, Durham, England I2689
14 ETHERINGTON, George Henry  1881Darlington, Durham, England I62
15 ETHERINGTON, George Henry  1901Darlington, Durham, England I62
16 FORSTER, Elizabeth Ann  1891Darlington, Durham, England I4686
17 FORSTER, Elizabeth Ann  1901Darlington, Durham, England I4686
18 FORSTER, Elizabeth Ann  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I4686
19 FORSTER, Elsie May  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I1993
20 FORSTER, George Tallentire  1901Darlington, Durham, England I4704
21 FORSTER, George Tallentire  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I4704
22 FORSTER, John Edward  1891Darlington, Durham, England I4604
23 FORSTER, John Edward  1901Darlington, Durham, England I4604
24 FORSTER, John Edward  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I4604
25 FORSTER, Mary Jane  1891Darlington, Durham, England I4685
26 FORSTER, Ralph  1881Darlington, Durham, England I5103
27 FORSTER, Ralph  1891Darlington, Durham, England I5103
28 FORSTER, Ralph  1901Darlington, Durham, England I5103
29 FORSTER, Ralph  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I5103
30 FORSTER, Ralph William  1891Darlington, Durham, England I4603
31 FORSTER, Ralph William  1901Darlington, Durham, England I4603
32 FORSTER, Ralph William  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I4603
33 FORSTER, Sarah  1901Darlington, Durham, England I4705
34 FORSTER, Sarah  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I4705
35 FORSTER, Thomas Henry  1891Darlington, Durham, England I4602
36 FORSTER, Thomas Henry  1901Darlington, Durham, England I4602
37 FORSTER, Thomas Henry  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I4602
38 FRENCH, Harriet  1901Darlington, Durham, England I2876
39 GALT, Catherine McFarlane  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I491
40 HEWITSON, Mary Ann  1841Darlington, Durham, England I277
41 JOHNSON, Alice  1891Darlington, Durham, England I2165
42 JOHNSON, Alice  1901Darlington, Durham, England I2165
43 MIDDLETON, Amy  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I2099
44 PATTISON, Esther Marian  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I1996
45 RUDD, Gertrude Mary  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I1987
46 TALLENTIRE, Arthur  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I1986
47 TALLENTIRE, John  2 Apr 1911Darlington, Durham, England I1988
48 TALLENTIRE, Margaret  1881Darlington, Durham, England I5104
49 TALLENTIRE, Margaret  1881Darlington, Durham, England I5104
50 TALLENTIRE, Margaret  1891Darlington, Durham, England I5104

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARMSTRONG / FRENCH  9 Aug 1896Darlington, Durham, England F1871
2 BLAND / WRIGHT  1944Darlington, Durham, England F1128
3 BOYES / MIDDLETON  1920Darlington, Durham, England F1045
4 CARTER / PARVIN  1931Darlington, Durham, England F1026
5 COLLINSON / CARTER  1931Darlington, Durham, England F1027
6 FORSTER / HUGHES  1953Darlington, Durham, England F1640
7 FORSTER / JOHNSON  16 Aug 1913Darlington, Durham, England F1771
8 FORSTER / PATTISON  1916Darlington, Durham, England F1642
9 HARRIS / TALLENTYRE  1945Darlington, Durham, England F782
10 LAYCOCK / TALLENTIRE  1950Darlington, Durham, England F1043
11 MCCALLUM /   Sep 1939Darlington, Durham, England F10
12 NICHOLSON / FORSTER  1917Darlington, Durham, England F640
13 TALINTYRE / GALT  1932Darlington, Durham, England F37
14 TALLENTIRE / MIDDLETON  1924Darlington, Durham, England F1044
15 TALLENTIRE / WRIGHT  1928Darlington, Durham, England F631