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Auckland, Durham, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDERSON, Margaret Hannah  1928Auckland, Durham, England I3481
2 BARRETT, Vera  1922Auckland, Durham, England I3570
3 BARRY, Audrey  24 Mar 1922Auckland, Durham, England I3901
4 BEADLE, Arthur  1843Auckland, Durham, England I3539
5 BEADLE, Margaret  1841Auckland, Durham, England I3538
6 BELTON, Elsie  1911Auckland, Durham, England I3497
7 BUSSEY, Irene  1921Auckland, Durham, England I3895
8 BUSSEY, Margarita  1920Auckland, Durham, England I3527
9 CHAPMAN, Vida  1922Auckland, Durham, England I3964
10 CLOUGH, John Charles  1914Auckland, Durham, England I3810
11 COATSWORTH, Fred  1911Auckland, Durham, England I3499
12 DENT, Phyllis Vera  1913Auckland, Durham, England I3791
13 DICKINSON, Elizabeth  1914Auckland, Durham, England I3975
14 GRAVES, William Walter  1911Auckland, Durham, England I3890
15 HUTCHINSON, Ernest William  1917Auckland, Durham, England I4761
16 JACKSON, Charles Laurence  18 Jul 1920Auckland, Durham, England I3903
17 LAIDLER, Jean  1924Auckland, Durham, England I3562
18 MAKEPEACE, Joseph  1919Auckland, Durham, England I3568
19 NAISBITT, Alfred  29 May 1915Auckland, Durham, England I4763
20 NATTRASS, Frank  1916Auckland, Durham, England I3536
21 PATTISON, Thomas  1929Auckland, Durham, England I3544
22 ROBERTS, Mary Margaret  1925Auckland, Durham, England I3921
23 RODHAM, William Owen  21 May 1912Auckland, Durham, England I3543
24 TALLENTIRE, Angus  1925Auckland, Durham, England I3861
25 TALLENTIRE, Arthur  1915Auckland, Durham, England I3506
26 TALLENTIRE, Arthur  1916Auckland, Durham, England I3888
27 TALLENTIRE, Arthur  1924Auckland, Durham, England I3920
28 TALLENTIRE, Basil  1932Auckland, Durham, England I3877
29 TALLENTIRE, Beatrice Ethel  1922Auckland, Durham, England I3507
30 TALLENTIRE, Charles Reginald  1930Auckland, Durham, England I3485
31 TALLENTIRE, Connie  1926Auckland, Durham, England I3566
32 TALLENTIRE, Dinah  1901Auckland, Durham, England I3646
33 TALLENTIRE, Donald Parr  1922Auckland, Durham, England I3894
34 TALLENTIRE, Dorothy E  1925Auckland, Durham, England I3524
35 TALLENTIRE, Florence Isabella  10 Feb 1912Auckland, Durham, England I4613
36 TALLENTIRE, Florence Mary  1899Auckland, Durham, England I3642
37 TALLENTIRE, Freda Mary  1923Auckland, Durham, England I3509
38 TALLENTIRE, Frederick C  1918Auckland, Durham, England I3965
39 TALLENTIRE, Harold  1914Auckland, Durham, England I3486
40 TALLENTIRE, Harry  1934Auckland, Durham, England I4573
41 TALLENTIRE, James  1914Auckland, Durham, England I3522
42 TALLENTIRE, James H  1913Auckland, Durham, England I3932
43 TALLENTIRE, Janet  1912Auckland, Durham, England I3518
44 TALLENTIRE, John Richard  1913Auckland, Durham, England I676
45 TALLENTIRE, Joseph Ireland  1914Auckland, Durham, England I3904
46 TALLENTIRE, Lily  1914Auckland, Durham, England I3889
47 TALLENTIRE, Margaret Jane  1893Auckland, Durham, England I3649
48 TALLENTIRE, Muriel  4 Dec 1923Auckland, Durham, England I3550
49 TALLENTIRE, Nancy  1916Auckland, Durham, England I3520
50 TALLENTIRE, Phyllis W  1922Auckland, Durham, England I3511

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEADLE, Arthur  1842Auckland, Durham, England I3556
2 BROWN, Annie  1927Auckland, Durham, England I3596
3 BRUNTON, John Robert  1933Auckland, Durham, England I3630
4 COATSWORTH, Hannah  1923Auckland, Durham, England I3514
5 CROWTHER, Joseph  1903Auckland, Durham, England I3618
6 ETHERINGTON, Teresa W  1914Auckland, Durham, England I322
7 FEATHERSTONE, Phoebe  1923Auckland, Durham, England I3603
8 FOSTER, Matthew  1874Auckland, Durham, England I3652
9 HENDERSON, Mary  1906Auckland, Durham, England I3580
10 HESELTINE, Margaret Jane  1906Auckland, Durham, England I5260
11 HEWARD, Isabella  1897Auckland, Durham, England I5048
12 HORN, Jane  1896Auckland, Durham, England I3508
13 LAIDLER, Jean  1924Auckland, Durham, England I3562
14 NATTRASS, Frank  1916Auckland, Durham, England I3536
15 NICHOLSON, Margaret  1877Auckland, Durham, England I4248
16 PRATT, Catherine Arrowsmith  1903Auckland, Durham, England I3598
17 RAINE, Martha  1929Auckland, Durham, England I5109
18 RICHARDSON, Sarah Elizabeth  1921Auckland, Durham, England I3482
19 STONEBANK, James  1935Auckland, Durham, England I3620
20 TALENTIRE, Elizabeth  1870Auckland, Durham, England I4284
21 TALLENTIRE, Bertrue Annie  1931Auckland, Durham, England I3586
22 TALLENTIRE, Dinah  1903Auckland, Durham, England I3646
23 TALLENTIRE, Dorothy E  1929Auckland, Durham, England I3524
24 TALLENTIRE, Dorothy Isabella  1935Auckland, Durham, England I3625
25 TALLENTIRE, Elizabeth  1899Auckland, Durham, England I3613
26 TALLENTIRE, Florence Mary  1900Auckland, Durham, England I3642
27 TALLENTIRE, Frances Ann  1916Auckland, Durham, England I4902
28 TALLENTIRE, Frederick William  1932Auckland, Durham, England I3607
29 TALLENTIRE, George  1885Auckland, Durham, England I3515
30 TALLENTIRE, Jacob  1926Auckland, Durham, England I5111
31 TALLENTIRE, Janet  1912Auckland, Durham, England I3518
32 TALLENTIRE, Margaret  1899Auckland, Durham, England I3513
33 TALLENTIRE, Margaret Emma  1890Auckland, Durham, England I3528
34 TALLENTIRE, Margaret Jane  1895Auckland, Durham, England I3649
35 TALLENTIRE, Martha  1936Auckland, Durham, England I3629
36 TALLENTIRE, Mary  1919Auckland, Durham, England I3587
37 TALLENTIRE, Mary  1928Auckland, Durham, England I5151
38 TALLENTIRE, Matthew  1932Auckland, Durham, England I3512
39 TALLENTIRE, Nora Ivy  1901Auckland, Durham, England I3567
40 TALLENTIRE, Ralph  1925Auckland, Durham, England I3521
41 TALLENTIRE, Richard  1901Auckland, Durham, England I3525
42 TALLENTIRE, Sarah Ann  1897Auckland, Durham, England I3645
43 TALLENTIRE, Sarah Ann  1916Auckland, Durham, England I5079
44 TALLENTIRE, Sarah Gwendoline  1921Auckland, Durham, England I3484
45 TALLENTIRE, Thomas  1897Auckland, Durham, England I3490
46 TALLENTIRE, William  1900Auckland, Durham, England I4131
47 TALLENTIRE, William  1910Auckland, Durham, England I5108
48 TALLENTIRE, William Clarence  1912Auckland, Durham, England I3483
49 TALLENTIRE, William George  1918Auckland, Durham, England I3597
50 UNKNOWN, Ann  1880Auckland, Durham, England I4304

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DOWSON, Florence  1942Auckland, Durham, England I3519
2 LAVERICK, Mary  1955Auckland, Durham, England I3576
3 TALLENTIRE, Arthur  1934Auckland, Durham, England I3517
4 TALLENTIRE, Arthur  1980Auckland, Durham, England I3920
5 TALLENTIRE, George Leslie  1971Auckland, Durham, England I3575
6 TALLENTIRE, Janet  1912Auckland, Durham, England I3518
7 TALLENTIRE, Joseph Henry  1967Auckland, Durham, England I3555
8 TALLENTIRE, Sarah Lizzie  1925Auckland, Durham, England I3488


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 TALLENTIRE, Dinah  26 Aug 1901Auckland, Durham, England I3646


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARROWSMITH / TALLENTIRE  1900Auckland, Durham, England F1005
2 BELTON / TALLENTIRE  1900Auckland, Durham, England F673
3 BRUNTON /   Apr 1900Auckland, Durham, England F24
4 BRUNTON / TALLENTIRE  1891Auckland, Durham, England F1230
5 BRUNTON / TALLENTIRE  1894Auckland, Durham, England F772
6 COATSWORTH / TALLENTIRE  1905Auckland, Durham, England F275
7 COLLEDGE / DOWSON  1906Auckland, Durham, England F896
8 CROSBY / MAYOR  1906Auckland, Durham, England F1365
9 CROWTHER / TALLENTIRE  1880Auckland, Durham, England F1003
10 DOWSON / LITTLE  1903Auckland, Durham, England F741
11 FORSTER / TALLENTIRE  1901Auckland, Durham, England F230
12 FOSTER / THOMPSON  1865Auckland, Durham, England F1706
13 FOX / TALLENTIRE  1936Auckland, Durham, England F435
14 GRAVES / TALLENTIRE  1934Auckland, Durham, England F1449
15 HUTCHINSON / TALLENTIRE  1912Auckland, Durham, England F1167
16 JORDAN / TALLENTIRE  1913Auckland, Durham, England F319
17 KELL / HORNER  1872Auckland, Durham, England F79
18 LAIDLER / TALLENTIRE  1913Auckland, Durham, England F1227
19 LATCHAM / TALLENTIRE  1924Auckland, Durham, England F1194
20 LIDDLE / CLARKE  1920Auckland, Durham, England F1644
21 LIDDLE / SUTTON  1934Auckland, Durham, England F1641
22 LIDDLE / TALLENTIRE  1889Auckland, Durham, England F1435
23 LIDDLE / YOUNG  1920Auckland, Durham, England F1636
24 NAISBITT / SHIELD  1920Auckland, Durham, England F1920
25 NATTRASS / TALLENTIRE  1906Auckland, Durham, England F1217
26 PETCH / TAYLOR  1934Auckland, Durham, England F808
27 REDFEARN / HORSMAN  1881Auckland, Durham, England F1407
28 ROBINSON / BELL  1906Auckland, Durham, England F1516
29 ROBINSON / HORNER  1876Auckland, Durham, England F80
30 SCOTT / TALLENTIRE  1919Auckland, Durham, England F1214
31 SEWELL / TALLENTIRE  1919Auckland, Durham, England F737
32 STONEBANK / TALLENTIRE  1920Auckland, Durham, England F1292
33 TALLENTIRE / BAISTER  1889Auckland, Durham, England F1168
34 TALLENTIRE / BROWN  1908Auckland, Durham, England F436
35 TALLENTIRE / CATTERSON  1932Auckland, Durham, England F676
36 TALLENTIRE / DIXON  1911Auckland, Durham, England F805
37 TALLENTIRE / FEATHERSTONE  1885Auckland, Durham, England F661
38 TALLENTIRE / HENDERSON  1875Auckland, Durham, England F248
39 TALLENTIRE / HENDERSON  1896Auckland, Durham, England F730
40 TALLENTIRE / HESLOP  1933Auckland, Durham, England F1059
41 TALLENTIRE / HODGSON  1914Auckland, Durham, England F272
42 TALLENTIRE / LAVERICK  1929Auckland, Durham, England F112
43 TALLENTIRE / LOWE  1889Auckland, Durham, England F209
44 TALLENTIRE / MAY  1913Auckland, Durham, England F1282
45 TALLENTIRE / PEART  1903Auckland, Durham, England F679
46 TALLENTIRE / PRATT  1895Auckland, Durham, England F532
47 TALLENTIRE / RICHARDSON  1883Auckland, Durham, England F947
48 TALLENTIRE / SMITH  1909Auckland, Durham, England F897
49 TALLENTIRE / WATSON  1880Auckland, Durham, England F1213
50 TALLENTIRE / WATSON  1919Auckland, Durham, England F649

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